Indian spearheads and spear butt
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Head #1 27.1 cm

Head #2 25 cm

Butt spike 24.4 cm


Head #1 190 grams

Head #2 202 grams

Butt spike 319 grams


Iron, steel


North India


18th-19th century


From a European private collection


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Two utilitarian North Indian spearheads and a spear butt spike. Both spearheads have a faceted socket and a head attached by welding it to a triangular projection from the socket. The narrow head has a thickened armor-piercing style bodkin point. The wider bladed one has a more conventional tapering.

Most likely Rajasthani. Such unadorned pieces can be rather hard to date, but probably 18th-19th century.

Indian spearheads and butt
Indian spearheads and butt
Indian spearheads and butt
Indian spearheads and butt

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In Punjabi style hilt, with elaborately chiseled blade.


Of jambiya form, with pattern welded blade and fine silver scabbard mounts.


With bifurcated S-shaped blade in talwar hilt.


A late 19th-century type with an etched blade, simulating patterned steel.


With gold plated hilt and pattern welded blade.


An interesting South Indian style katar with an imported European blade.