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Antique arms glossary

A Nepalese khukurī glossary

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In researching antique arms -or any kind of material culture for that matter- it is of paramount importance to actually feel and handle pieces.

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A rare surviving example of the simple military version of this style.
Made in Borneo but traded widely, of a type used a lot against the Dutch during…
An unusual cross-cultural mix, blending Burmese, Japanese and Indian parts.
A translucent hide shield with gilt brass ornaments. Probably Nepalese of for a…
Made of steel, decorated with fine gold overlay in a pattern of swastikas.
A fat-bellied variety of the Nepalese khukurī with mirror polished blade and…
Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.
Late 17th century. With wootz blade and enamel chape.
With fine gold overlaid hilt, tight-grained wootz blade and elaborately pierced…
In Punjabi style hilt, with elaborately chiseled blade.
With finely carved horn hilt, silver mounts and reshaped European blade.
with space for 20 cartridges, complete with powder flask.
Its blade pattern-welded and chiseled with designs of hunters and animals.
An old warhorse with several repairs.
Executed in the Tibetan style, exhibiting dragons in foliage chasing flaming…
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Of classic shape, with a leaf-shaped blade on a socket, connected by a cast…