Language: Philippine Spanish
Source: Secondary reference

Bolo simply means knife and is usually used to describe a wide range of Philippine single-edged machete-like tools and weapons.

The term comes from the Spanish and its use is similar to the word parang of the Malay world.1

There is an informative Wikipedia Article on this weapon.

Bolo knifeA very good Philippine bolo from Luzon.

1. Stone, G.C.; A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and armor, 1934. Reprint by Dover, 1999, p. 124 - 125.

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With beautifully carved horn grip.


With wootz blade inlaid in gold with the name of the maker and the owner.


A remarkable example of bladesmithing with a 5 row twist-core pattern that meanders over the blade.


Signed by an artist named Kanesada from Higo.


A set for the beginning collector.


A late 19th-century type with an etched blade, simulating patterned steel.