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Double kiem logo

Matched Vietnamese kiếm pair

With carved stone handles and superb workmanship in silver and mother-of-pearl.
Song kiem logo

Song kiếm (雙劍)

The Vietnamese double sword.
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Kiếm (劍)

The double-edged straightsword of Vietnam.
Vietnamese double swords logo

Vietnamese double swords

A rare combination of full-length double Vietnamese swords with live blades.
Antique Vietnamese kiem

Vietnamese straightsword

It has a narrow but sturdy blade with a springy temper.
Vietnamese kiem

A Vietnamese straightsword kiem

With a substantial, quality blade.
Vietnamese kiem logo

A Vietnamese kiem

A very good Vietnamese ceremonial kiem of the Nguyen dynasty.
Vietnamese kiem

An ivory hilted kiem

The grip made of a single piece, worked in high relief.
Antique Vietnamese arms logo

Antique Vietnamese arms

Vietnam produced some of the finest mother-of-pearl inlays, seen on for example on the scabbards of ceremonial swords and sabers.