Language: Turkish
Source: In common use


The yatağan is a type of sword with a distinct recurved edge, vaguely reminiscent of the Greek kopis from which it is probably a distant relative.

The hilts often consist of two grip scales with "ears" making it look like the condyle of a bone. The grip scales can be of wood, horn, silver, or more precious materials like walrus or elephant ivory. The better yatağan feature wootz blades or pattern-welded blades with rows of twist-core also referred to as "Turkish ribbon".

These swords were in popular use throughout the Ottoman empire, with distinct regional variations in the various areas under strong Ottoman influence such as Algeria, the Balkans and the Caucasus. The yatağan was mainly associated with infantry, like the janissaries, elite infantry units that formed the Ottoman Sultan's household troops.

Algerian yataghan

A fine Algerian yatağan of the  19th century.
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An old warhorse with several repairs.


Its scabbard with 12 pockets, with 10 of the items remaining.


with space for 20 cartridges, complete with powder flask.


A remarkable example of bladesmithing with a 5 row twist-core pattern that meanders over the blade.


With wootz blade inlaid in gold with the name of the maker and the owner.


Signed by an artist named Kanesada from Higo.