Language: Indonesian
Source: Period account


Telep is the name given to bamboo dart quivers of Borneo in an 1891 article by Pleyte.1

It was used with the blowpipe called tulup or tulupan.


Pleyte Indonesian quivers and blow pipes

Illustration from Pleyte:

19. Double bamboo-quiver, telep.
22. Single bamboo-quiver, telep.
23. Bamboo-quiver, telep, closed with a conical stopper, showing the appendage to stick it into the belt.


Dayak dart quiver

Dayak dart quiver with darts.
Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2018.


C.M. Pleyte; Sumpitan and bow in Indonesia. Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie. Band IV, Heft VI. Leiden. 1891. Pages 265-281.


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A very rare example of a type of all-leather tube quiver

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It's face covered with beautifully lacquered leather, in that characteristic earlier style.


Its scabbard with 12 pockets, with 10 of the items remaining.


With wootz blade inlaid in gold with the name of the maker and the owner.


A remarkable example of bladesmithing with a 5 row twist-core pattern that meanders over the blade.


Signed by an artist named Kanesada from Higo.