Language: Burmese
Source: Period accounts


The linkin dha is a fairly short, heavy weapon that widens considerably from base to tip, and which has a flat point.

The proper Burmese word is: lin gin (လင်းကင်း), described in the official Myanmar-English Dictionary as: Machete-like sword with a crescent-shaped tip.

It was said to be 1.5 inch (38mm) wide at the hilt, flaring out to 2.5 inch (63.5mm) towards the truncated tip. Linkin dha were worn in half wooden scabbards that carry the blade with one side exposed. They were often adorned with teeth or parts of the jaw of tigers or leopards.

Main article: Lin gin (လင်းကင်း) 



Linkin dhaA linkin dha in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Accession number: 36.25.1630a, b
Provenance: Bequest of George Cameron Stone, 1935.

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An earlier example with an iconographic hilt.


A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.


With intricately carved ivory hilt depicting a demon on a horse.


Made of a beautiful piece of black zitan hardwood, carved in a spiral, topped with a silver knob.


On a sturdy, user-grade blade with temper line.


With elaborate silver overlaid blade and inlaid iron hilt.