Language: Nepali
Source: In common use


Khukri (खुक्रि) is a variant of khukurī, (खुकुरी), also simply spelled kukri among today's collectors. It is the traditional utility and fighting knife of Nepal. It is strongly associated with the Ghurkas, a Nepalese soldier class.

It is characterized by a forward curving blade that widens considerably before forming a fairly sharp point.


A khukuri of the 19th centuryA fine 19th century khukurī with silver mounts.
Listed by Mandarin Mansion in 2020.


Both terms, khukurī and khukri, are found in the Comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language of 1931.1

The simplified word kukri is in common use today, mainly among English speaking collectors.


1. Sir Ralph Lilley Turner; A comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner, 1931.

Main article: Khukurī (खुकुरि)


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Thought to have been presented by the Royal House of Nepal.


Named so after the two ridges that are formed on the bi-fullered blade.


With engraved spine and unusual all brass pommel.


A 19th-century piece with a simple blade but nicely carved hilt.


Signed: Ricky Milnes, India 44, Burma 44, Ramree 45.


With wide blade and a two-tone hilt in cattle bone and wood, capped with brass.