Language: Persian
Source: Ain-I-Akbari of circa 1590.


Khapwah appears in the Ain-I-Akbari of circa 1590, a book that chronicles the court of Emperor Akbar who reigned from 1556 to 1605.1

It is used to describe a type of dagger which is now mostly known as chilanum. (See glossary article chilanum.)


Daggers in Ain I Akbari

Daggers in the Ain-I-Akbari.


4. Khapwah.

5. Jambiya

6. Katarah

7. Bank

8. Narsingmot'h, a type of dagger used by Narsinga, an incarnation of Vishnu. The looped hilt resembles that of the bichuwa (बिछुवा) dagger.

9. Gupti kard, literally "long knife". Notice the edge is on the inside curve.



1. Ain-i-Akbari (آئینِ اکبری‎) or the "Administration of Akbar" describing the court of Akbar as it was around 1590.
2. Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani; Lexicon of Arms and Armor from Iran. Legat Verlag GmbH, Tübingen, 2010. Page 186.

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Somewhat worn but once very high-quality, with great sculptural qualities and remains of silver "true…


With wootz blade, and silver overlaid hilt that was finished with fire-gilding.


An interesting South Indian style katar with an imported European blade.


With a hidden compartment for a small utility knife.


A rare example with pattern welded blade, retaining its original scabbard.


Its scabbard with 12 pockets, with 10 of the items remaining.