Language: Burmese
Source: Secondary reference


Chu-pan describes a type of floral scrolling that consists of a main curling stem with lots of little "hooks". It is described by Sylvia Fraser-Lu as "hook-like foliage".

Dha with chu-pan blade

A Burmese dha with a blade like those made in Mindan village, Yamethin district, with chu-pan motif on the blade.
Sold by Mandarin Mansion in 2020.


Close up of chu-pan motif

Close-up of blade.



The motif appears among others on Burmese lacquerwork and silver overlaid ironwork such as sword blades.


1. Sylvia Fraser-Lu, Burmese crafts, past and present, Oxford University Press, 1994. Page 239.

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An earlier example with an iconographic hilt.


A rare set of twin knives in a single scabbard.


With intricately carved ivory hilt depicting a demon on a horse.


Made of a beautiful piece of black zitan hardwood, carved in a spiral, topped with a silver knob.


On a sturdy, user-grade blade with temper line.


Plain when sheathed, unsheathing reveals a rather nice silver overlaid blade.