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Sindh flintlock logo

A fine Sindh flintlock

A large gun with English flintlock mechanism, as favored by the Mirs of the Talpur court. In very good condition, with almost all the gold remaining.
A Balkan boyliya paragun logo

A fine "boyliya" paragun

One of Europe's rarest gun types. A fine example, with mother of pearl inlaid stock.
Dutch chiseled iron smallsword logo

Dutch chiseled iron smallsword

Part of a group of rare late 17th century examples, representing the finest of its kind.
Dzeferdar logo


The alternative name of the Džeferdar, a type of miquelet gun from Montenegro.
Dzeferdar logo


A type of gun from Montenegro with rich mother-of-pearl inlays.
Miquelet lock

Mediterranean lock

An alternative name for the miquelet lock
Miquelet lock


Collector's jargon for a type of lock for a firearm
Dzeferdar miquelet

Dzeferdar miquelet rifle

With Ottoman twisted "damascus" barrel and fine mother-of-pearl inlaid stock.

Manceaux à Paris

A notable French arms manufacturer who also made fine presentation weapons in Asian styles.
Ottoman court dagger with renaissance style decor logo

Ottoman style dagger

Fine and unusual, with Italian renaissance style decoration.
Ottoman knife by Manceaux, Paris

Ottoman knife by Manceaux, Paris

Of superior quality manufacture, combining a mix of European and Ottoman taste.
Ottoman barreled gun

English rifle with Ottoman barrel

An English rifle that was built around an 18th-century Ottoman barrel of the finest quality.
Major surgery on an old Teutonic war-horse logo

Major surgery on an old Teutonic war-horse

(This is an old article so the images are fairly low resolution)