We are looking back at a great week, interacting with many interesting people.

Thanks for all your support; my loyal clients buying from afar, new clients I met at the show, friends and family who came to support me, and all the helpers; Philip Tom, Mark Quint, Jan van der Burgt, and of course my wife Nany.


PAN Mandarin Mansion Stand


Visitors at PAN Amsterdam



Items at PAN


With Nany


We hope to see you next year!

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Finely crafted wootz blade, and golden inlays at the base.


Made using Persian wootz. Pronounced features, chiseled socket.


Of Kham area regional style, with a grip studded with turquoises and corals.


With gold plated hilt and pattern welded blade.


Blade of Persian shamshir form, but of Indian make. Mounts in Kutch style gilt copper.


With wootz blade inlaid in gold with the name of the maker and the owner.