Despite the beautiful summer weather in Haarlem I spent much of my time indoors the last weeks photographing, researching and describing 9 new items.

New items August

It was a pleasure though. These pieces span centuries of history and a geographic area from Sri Lanka to Korea and I thoroughly enjoyed owning them for a while.

They include:
A rare early tube quiver, Tibet or Mongolia
An early bow case, Tibet or Mongolia
A spreading quiver, Tibet or Mongolia
A pair of Vietnamese swords
A stray Korean sword guard
A Sumatran keris panjang
A Sinhalese kasthāné
A Sinhalese pihiya kättha
A Sinhalese ul pihiya

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Peter Dekker


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A heavy Sin-Vietnamese fighting knife, with recently polished blade.


Broad bladed example with horn hilt and engraved blade.


With fine blade in recent polish. With resting scabbard.


Finely crafted wootz blade, and golden inlays at the base.


Made using Persian wootz. Pronounced features, chiseled socket.


Of Kham area regional style, with a grip studded with turquoises and corals.