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A Burmese da glossary

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The Chinese saber guard is called dāo hūshǒu (刀護手), or hùshǒu pán (護手盤) in Chinese. This literally translates to "saber handguard" or "disc handguard". At some point, the…

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A charming and somewhat unusual example of a Thai d

Plain when sheathed, unsheathing reveals a rather nice silver overlaid blade.
With elaborate silver overlaid blade and inlaid iron hilt.
On a sturdy, user-grade blade with temper line.
A typical example with a nice forge folded blade with differential heat…
With snake skin nock. Probably made by Ju Yuan Hao in the 1950s.
Made by the last operational bowyer of China, probably for the Mongolian market.
With gilt copper scabbard and multi-row twist-core blade.
Price on request
The archetypical Chinese sword guard that gave rise to the Japanese genre of "…
A very rare Chinese saber guard dating from the height of the Qing dynasty.
A Chinese sword guard from the 18th century with a Buddhist mantra in lantsa…
It's face covered with beautifully lacquered leather, in that characteristic…
Such rings were worn by Qing dynasty "bannermen" as a sign of their status as a…
Made of a beautiful piece of black zitan hardwood, carved in a spiral, topped…
Covered almost entirely in very fine "sadeli" marquetry that is associated…
Constructed out of dense hardwood and with fine mother-of-pearl inlays in the…