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A rare Philippine fighting knife

Overall length: 51.5 cm / 30.3 inch
Blade length: 41.3 cm / 16.3 inch
Thickness: forte 7 mm, middle 5.5 mm
Blade width: widest part 43 mm
Weight: 488 grams

A rare Philippine fighting knife, probably from Luzon island. It has a very well-made blade. Heavy, wide, leaf-shaped, double edged and with well-defined center ridge. Blade is of triangular cross-section, flat on the reverse side. Its forte with chiseled decoration comprising of raised bands and floral decor on the front side. No nicks or cracks, very nice bevels and ridges.

The iron D-guard with hook on the back, shaped like a nāgá, a mythical snake-like being of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Some aspects of its design seem to be influenced by the Chinese hudiedao:

The handle is made of horn, with a wide brass ferrule. It has an old (museum?) inventory number on the back. Some play in the ferrule due to shrinkage in the horn over time.

A well-balanced piece, of excellent quality and condition. Very rare.


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