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Iron ruler

As a non-military weapon, not much was written about Chinese "iron ruler" (鐵尺) style maces but their appearance on the antique market suggests their use was fairly widespread in certain circles. They probably served as weapons used by guards and security personnel that aimed at hurting, but not instantly killing their opponent if not necessary. Their name derives off the fact that the rod is shaped like the classic Chinese ruler. As a weapon, the rectangular cross-section provides the option to hit with the flat of the blade or perform a more damaging hit with the edge.

This example

Overall length: 53.2 cm / 20.9 inch
Blade length: 39.3 cm / 15.5 inch
Blade thickness: 9 mm at base, 8.5 mm middle
Blade width: 20 mm at base
Weight: 925 grams

A classic example. The flat, wide rod has a center ridge on one side, flat on the other. The handle consists of a thick tang with a heavy iron bolster on either side. The handle would have probably been wrapped with cord over fabric at some point. The heavy handle provides it with a fairly quick balance, despite it's weight.


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