Fighting butterfly swords | Mandarin Mansion

Fighting butterfly swords

Overall length: 54 cm / 21 inch
Blade length: 43,5 cm / 17 inch
Thickness at forte: 12 and 13 mm
Weight without scabbard: 562 and 574 grams

A set of fighting hudiedao, with thick and heavy-duty blades. Extensively used in combat, with lots of cuts from other weapons in both blades.

The blades are damaged by use and so will not appeal to the collector who likes everything to be in near-new condition. The fact that they have been used may be a plus for a martial arts researcher who wants to analyze the angles of the cuts to learn about techniques used. It would also nicely complement a study collection of fighting weapons. For a museum, such used pieces make a dramatic display to the public.

The set comes with original leather scabbard, broken at the tip so points are exposed now. (The usual condition these scabbards are found in.) Scabbard stitches are loose. In its current condition the scabbard is good enough for display, but would need re-stitching for practical use.

All in original, untouched condition.


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