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Exceptional old jian blade remounted

An exceptionally good mid Qing dynasty jian (劍) or straightsword blade, mounted in historically accurate reproduction fittings of the ace of spades style. It is hard enough to find decent late jian, we rarely come across a good earlier example.

Overall length: 86.4 cm / 34 inch
Blade length: 68.2 cm / 26.8 inch
Thickness: forte 5.5 mm, middle 5.5 mm.
Blade width: forte 29.5 mm, middle 27.5 mm.
Weight without scabbard: 848 grams

Massive forge folded blade with very crisp center ridge and even edges. No damage, no forging flaws of any consequence. The blade has a nice even taper in width with very crisp central ridge. Hard edges, sharp. Clean with no pitting and no damage. One side shows a rather subdued "damascus" pattern in the steel with a straight grain, while the other side exhibits a somewhat more active pattern with watery lines.

Fittings, hilt and scabbard
Mounted in brass reproduction fittings, app parts well-made. The wooden hilt is also contemporary, but nicely carved with archaic dragons. The newly made wooden scabbard is all made with hand tools, so there are no traces of abrasives left in it that can scratch the blade. Scabbard is lacquered black. All parts over a decade old.

A very rare chance to own an exceptional jian with high quality, early blade.