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A Chinese spearhead

A good Chinese spearhead of the 鎗 or qiang type, with wide leaf shaped blade. It has a nice early form with leaf shaped blade and waisted contours on the rear portion of the blade. Another interesting detail is not one, but two brass bolsters cast around the neck of the spear. Compared to most, this spear is rather well-made with nice and precise lines.

Overall length: 39 cm / 15.3 inch
Blade length: 21.5 cm / 8.5 inch
Socket inside diameter 26 mm
Socket inside diameter 34 mm
Thickness at base of blade: 10.5 mm
Max blade width: 35 mm
Thickness at widest part: 7.5 mm
Weight: 650 grams

Weighing as much as some light swords or sabers, it would have taken considerable strength to wield a spear like this on a long shaft. Spear types mentioned in Qing dynasty regulations are between 3 meters and 4,5 meters long. Spearheads are rather hard to date because they have no unexposed areas from which to date the patina like sword tangs. Also, their design changes over the years are quite subtle with many styles overlapping as well. The best guess I can make is that this example is probably a military spear dating from the late Qing.

With a reconstructed shaft of proper length and dimensions it could make an impressive display piece or good make a good strength training spear for those that want to get serious about traditional Chinese spearmanship.


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