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Chinese fighting knife

Presented is a fine Chinese fighting knife with heavy and wide leaf shaped blade. The blade forge folded with an inserted high carbon edge plate, differentially heat treated like good weapons are. Edge plate and some of the laminations clearly visible. The blade has two precisely cut grooves, the upper wider than the lower. The tang covers the full width of the handle, its wooden handle scales riveted to the tang. The back of the handle is decorated with a stylized chrysanthemum flower.

It comes with a soft cotton sheath, indigo dyed, that is probably somewhat later to the piece but made during its working life. It is balanced perfectly for the fight or the throw.

Chinese fighting knives are encountered from time to time, yet rarely in this quality and condition.

This example

Overall length: 36.3 cm / 14.3 inch
Blade length: 23.4 cm / 9.2 inch
Thickness: forte 5.5 mm, middle 5 mm
Blade width: widest part 42.2 mm
Weight of dagger: 287 grams

A rare Chinese fighting knife of very good quality.


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