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Chinese fighting flail

Flails derived off farming tools were used since antiquity in many countries. The most famous application of a flail as a weapon is of course the Japanese nunchaku. Chinese flails came in various varieties, from sticks with equal length like the Japanese, to shorter flails on a longer stick. This example is of that asymmetric type. Often a civilian weapon, such flails also saw use in the professional military of China, up to the Qing dynasty. We currently have one military flail, with iron ferrule for sale:

Chinese fighting flail
Chinese war flail


This example

Overall length: 66 cm / 26 inch
Staff: 38.5 cm
Stick: 17 cm
Weight: 405 grams

An old fighting flail, probably made for civilian use. It is made of two hardwooden sticks connected with a number of rings. The rings connect to two fittings that are securely attached to the ends of the sticks by means of nails that were peened on the other side.

Contrary to the war flail we have for sale, this example does not have a metal ferrule at the end, and it lacks the lanyard hole that makes the other flail suitable for use on horseback. The overall workmanship is also a little more crude, indicating non-military manufacture.

A rare example of a Chinese civilian fighting flail.


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