I used to build and maintain the website by myself. As Mandarin Mansion is growing up and became my full-time business I started to get all kinds of ideas that were beyond my technical capabilities.

I decided to work with a team of developers to make the ever-growing amount of content easier to navigate and build a framework for cool future projects. We also optimized usability on various mobile devices.

You are now looking at the first version, which will undergo updates with more functionality in months to come.

Much of the old content is already migrated and eventually every article on the old site will make its return to the new, along with a continuous stream of new material.

Don't hesitate to get in touch when you have comments or questions.



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An interesting pierced iron Asian export sword guard that


A fine Kandyan knife, or ul-pihiya, probably mid


A chiseled iron sword guard depicting a Dutch ship with a figure on its stern.


Description A heavy Indian katar with substanti


A large circular Asian export sword guard with elaborate decor carved in relief on both sides.


Introduction The chilanum (or chil